The Bicycle Survey

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About the writers December 5, 2009

Here is some info about the writers:


tourodeouro, Santeri Vanhanen

I’m an archaeology student in the University of Helsinki. I’m mostly interested in archaeobotany, but basically all archaeology can be interesting. I have also studied one year in the University of Umeå, where the courses were on environmental archaeology and mostly archaeobotany. Just bougth a Trek 7.3 FX few months ago and thats nice!


bastardiser, Marko Marila

I’m an archaeology student at the University of Helsinki. I’m interested in the philosophy (mostly epistemology at the moment) of archaeology, archaeological semiotics, pragmatism, archaeological theory and archaeology of the very recent past. I have an 80’s Méral road bike that I’m at the moment converting into a fixed gear bike. I also ride a Jopo bike.


One Response to “About the writers”

  1. pedaled Says:

    Hi Marko,
    the best one is the Jopo. I love this bike.
    Cheers Roland

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