The Bicycle Survey

(project 'ricycle survey')

About the project December 3, 2009

The objective of the Bicycle Survey Project is to find and document the many abandoned or lost bicycles one sees around a city. Bikes are usually left locked into a rack or a rail. When a bike is left unattended for prolonged periods of time, parts of it get stolen. One of the first parts to get removed are the seat and the wheels. Sometimes only a front wheel will be found locked onto a structure. This should most often be result of the bike having been locked only from the wheel. It is also not uncommon to find only the lock hanging from a rack.

It would also be nice if some sad and desperate bike owners could find their long lost bikes with the aid of this project.

Of the bicycles we have added a picture, some basic information and the location marked on a map. The map symbols are as follows:

  • blue= only frame
  • red= bike without front wheel
  • green= bike without rear wheel
  • teal= front wheel
  • yellow= rear wheel
  • violet= lock
  • pink= bike unrideable (i.e. seat or hadlebar missing, rims twisted or spokes cut etc.)

The basic information added includes the following:

  • Preservation status (i.e. the physical condition of the bike)
  • Find context (busy street, railway station, a gutter etc.)
  • Documented on (date)
  • Make and model (if available)
  • Location (a link to a map location)

If you would like to contact the writers or contribute to this blog as an author, send e-mail to thebicyclesurvey(at) We are working on a way to make the blog communal so that everyone could post items.

Enjoy the blog!


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