The Bicycle Survey

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A Stray Shopping Cart December 12, 2009

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A stray shopping cart located approximately 800 m from its source.

This shopping cart was located near Malmi railway station. Its source, Prisma, is located approximately 800 m NE from this location. According to the Stray Shopping Cart classification system I would suggest that this was a  A/9 (Remote false), B/1 (Remote true) and B/13 (Complex vandalism).

Shopping carts etc. December 9, 2009

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I wanted to post these two pictures even though the objects do not relate directly to the bicycle survey. They are, nevertheless, a nice example of transportation-related artifacts that have gotten somehow misplaced. The markings (text) on the carts, their content, condition and find context usually tells a lot about their use history.

This VR (a railway company) cart was found in a park almost one kilometer from the railway station where they are used.

Shopping carts and other debris in an old railway passage in Kamppi. The passage is a few meters deep and attracts people to throw stuff in it.