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“I park my fillari like a fucking idiot” December 13, 2009

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This green Crescent was found near the Kamppi subway station. The most interesting little detail about it is the sticker on the frame saying “I PARK MY FILLARI (finnish for ‘bicycle’) LIKE A FUCKING IDIOT”. This parking was no exception. Even though (or more likely because) the bike is locked to a structure with a cable lock, it has lost both its wheels.

  • Preservation status: only frame
  • Find context: near the Kamppi subway station, locked onto a structure
  • Documented on: December 13th 2009
  • Make and model: Crescent
  • Location

This green Crescent has been peed on.

A detail of the bike above. The text on this sticker says a lot about the owner of this bike.


A Stray Shopping Cart December 12, 2009

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A stray shopping cart located approximately 800 m from its source.

This shopping cart was located near Malmi railway station. Its source, Prisma, is located approximately 800 m NE from this location. According to the Stray Shopping Cart classification system I would suggest that this was a  A/9 (Remote false), B/1 (Remote true) and B/13 (Complex vandalism).

Joutsen Original

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There isn't too much left of this Joutsen bike.

This Joutsen (Swan) Original was found near the Kalasatama subway station, which has been in use from 2007. So this means that the deposition of the bike has a terminus post quem in this location 2007 AD. It seems that the bike has been mostly suffering vandalism, because the frame could have been taken with ease.

  • Preservation status: only frame
  • Find context: near Kalasatama subway station, leaning into a bicycle rack, but not locked into it
  • Documented on: December 11th 2009
  • Make and model: Joutsen Original
  • Location

The Unsung Hero December 10, 2009

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This bike enjoys a lot of attention on one of the busiest streets in Helsinki.

This war Hero has been wounded pretty badly. He (for some reason I tend to place bikes in the masculine category. Or is it the war reference…) will most likely retire soon.

This location has a lot of bikes that look like they have not been used in a while. It is interesting to see how long bikes like this will stay in their present context. There are a lot of stores and shops in the area and abandoned bikes aren’t exactly the best way to attract customers.

  • Preservation status: front wheel missing
  • Find context: not locked onto any structure
  • Documented on: December 9th 2009
  • Make and model: Hero
  • Location

Tunturi Prego, post going? December 9, 2009

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Tunturi Prego with Sörnäisten Rantatie and Merihaka in the background.

Tunturi Prego with the Theatre Academy on the background.

Tunturi Prego was found with its front wheel and kickstand missing. The tire was flat and the kickstand was lying on the ground near the bike. The thing that has happened to this bike seems to be more of an act of vandalism than an attempt to steal the bike. Maybe it is the bike of an irritating teacher or a future diva from the Academy.

  • Preservation status: frontwheel and kickstand missing
  • Find context: attached into a bicycle rack in front of Theatre Academy
  • Documented on: December 9th 2009
  • Make and model: Tunturi Prego
  • Location

Shopping carts etc.

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I wanted to post these two pictures even though the objects do not relate directly to the bicycle survey. They are, nevertheless, a nice example of transportation-related artifacts that have gotten somehow misplaced. The markings (text) on the carts, their content, condition and find context usually tells a lot about their use history.

This VR (a railway company) cart was found in a park almost one kilometer from the railway station where they are used.

Shopping carts and other debris in an old railway passage in Kamppi. The passage is a few meters deep and attracts people to throw stuff in it.


Tunturi vip December 7, 2009

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Unrideable Tunturi vip.

This white Tunturi vip had been left on the ground near the railway station of Tapanila. It was still in a quite good shape with the chain not rusty.

  • Preservation status: unrideable, seat and one pedal missig
  • Find context: lying on the ground close by to the Tapanila railway station
  • Documented on: December 7th 2009
  • Make and model: Tunturi vip
  • Location