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Disgraced Puch December 7, 2009

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Puch was found upside down with the text "Puch" partly sanded down

This Puch bike was still in a quite good condition. Only one pedal is missing and the chains are detached. The bike has maybe been stolen before it has ended up here, because the Puch text has been tried to sand down. The bike has not been locked and it is turned upside down. This act reminded me of the stuff happening in the graveyards, where some people have been tipping over the grave stones. Though here the media is not at all as sacral, the consept of disrespecting and disgracing these objects is the same. The consept of things being turned upside down is often considered as the meaning of the things would be the opposite. This same phenomenon can be seen in the upside down usage of the christian cross by satan worhippers or the usage of pentagram as a symbol of evil. These acts of mischief are conceptually different than the act of stealing bikes.

  • Preservation status: unrideable, chain detached, one pedal missing
  • Find context: placed upside down near a bicycle rack close by to the Tapanila railway station
  • Documented on: December 7th 2009
  • Make and model: Puch, model?
  • Location