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Another Tunturi Vip December 15, 2009

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Snow and -10 C, sun and Tunturi Vip.

These fellows don’t really get a v.i.p. treatment. This has been in the same place for quite a long time, at least 4 weeks. I’m really not sure if the owner really wants it anymore. It is just the front wheel which is bended.

  • Preservation status: unrideable, frontwheel bended
  • Find context: Tapulikaupunki, near the R-Kioski, standing on a bicycle rack
  • Documented on: December 14th 2009
  • Make and model: Tunturi Vip
  • Location

Tunturi vip December 7, 2009

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Unrideable Tunturi vip.

This white Tunturi vip had been left on the ground near the railway station of Tapanila. It was still in a quite good shape with the chain not rusty.

  • Preservation status: unrideable, seat and one pedal missig
  • Find context: lying on the ground close by to the Tapanila railway station
  • Documented on: December 7th 2009
  • Make and model: Tunturi vip
  • Location