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Turku Action December 21, 2009

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This Helkama was documented near the University of Turku

The first Turku bike! This Helkama Velotar is missing the rear tire. It’s unsure if this bike has been abandoned at all. It may just as well be waiting for repair.

  • Preservation status: unrideable, rear wheel missing a tire
  • Find context: In the backyard of the “YO-talo” in Turku near the university
  • Documented on: December 18th 2009
  • Make and model: Helkama Velotar
  • Location

Fender Bender Gender December 7, 2009

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A blue bike with a bended fender and skirt guard.

This nicely painted and renowated blue bike was found leaning to a wooden fence near the Tapanila railway station. The fender and skirt guard of the bike had been bended in a way that reminded me the way some Iron Age swords have been bended. These Iron Age swords are often found in graves and sometimes in hoards also. It is speculated that they have been bended in the graves so that the deceaced would not be able to use them anymore when they would come to haunt the living. They are in this way made unusable. At least in this case the bike has been made unusable. I would suppose that here the act of making the bike unsable could have been done to give a negative statement to the owner of the bike, but maybe not being personal. This poor bike also reminded me of the Futurama character Bender Bending Rodríguez, described as a comic anti-hero. Bender also is a derogatory word for a homosexual, straight being the opposite. The dualistic character of the bike is represented by its frame being a “ladies” type and at the same the colour being what can be considered as a masculine colour. An interesting bike indeed.

  • Preservation status: unrideable, chain detached, bended fender and skirt guard, stem missing
  • Find context: placed leaning to a wooden fence close by to the Tapanila railway station
  • Documented on: December 7th 2009
  • Make and model: unidentified
  • Location