The Bicycle Survey

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Sartano City Cruiser January 3, 2010

Sartano City Cruiser missing its seat.

The bike was not locked.

I found this bike in the backyard of the house where I was helping to move my friend. This bike was missing its seat and thus unrideable. It was not locked and covered with snow.

  • Preservation status: unrideable, missing seat
  • Find context: in Helsinki, Herttoniemenranta, in a bicycle rack, unlocked
  • Documented on: December 3rd 2009
  • Make and model: Sartano, City Cruiser
  • Location

Another Tunturi Vip December 15, 2009

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Snow and -10 C, sun and Tunturi Vip.

These fellows don’t really get a v.i.p. treatment. This has been in the same place for quite a long time, at least 4 weeks. I’m really not sure if the owner really wants it anymore. It is just the front wheel which is bended.

  • Preservation status: unrideable, frontwheel bended
  • Find context: Tapulikaupunki, near the R-Kioski, standing on a bicycle rack
  • Documented on: December 14th 2009
  • Make and model: Tunturi Vip
  • Location

Joutsen Original December 12, 2009

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There isn't too much left of this Joutsen bike.

This Joutsen (Swan) Original was found near the Kalasatama subway station, which has been in use from 2007. So this means that the deposition of the bike has a terminus post quem in this location 2007 AD. It seems that the bike has been mostly suffering vandalism, because the frame could have been taken with ease.

  • Preservation status: only frame
  • Find context: near Kalasatama subway station, leaning into a bicycle rack, but not locked into it
  • Documented on: December 11th 2009
  • Make and model: Joutsen Original
  • Location